Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Lucky Survivor

A long time ago before the titanic was made there was an old explorer that had been in amazing adventures and his name is Paul Baleen. This story that i’m going to tell you right now was set in Antarctica. He was there for some research.

One early morning Paul was researching about when the global warming will start and what will the animals do. He went outside and started searching for some animals to see what they are up to,  The emperor penguin and baleen whales is his jackpot and the leopard seal and the whale is the opposite of that. He was searching and searching and the only animal that he found was a southern elephant seals. “Why do I keep finding elephant seals??!!” he yelled so loud that his house was covered in snow because a mountain near buy had a avalanche and covered his house.

“Oh ow” he said in a nervous. He had just noticed that it was 6 o’clock at night and that was the time where it would have a very strong wind would come. “Oh ow” once again. A whew minutes later Paul was launched into the air by the very strong wind and slammed him back on the ground!

“Where am I” in a exhausted way. surprisingly he was in a snow cave. He was scared but he also was lucky that he didn't die by freezing to death. A few years later Paul was still in the and was alive. “guys I think I found something” said a person outside. “Guys I found Paul Baleen”!! he said. After that he was safely in a plane flying to the hospital for a rest on a real bed.