Sunday, 19 May 2013

Freezing Cold Kangaroos

Title: A very cold kangaroo.

Once upon a time there was a very cold kangaroo named Roger who lived in the streets. The poor kangaroo lived in the streets of the big Sydney Australia. He went there because he wanted some food to eat with his little brother Roger Jr.

They begged and begged humans for food so they can bring it home to his family in the desert of Darwin to eat. Last month was the worst month of all of Australia because it was the only month where it wouldn't rain at all. Animals started dying because there was no food to eat and no water to drink.

One day, the two brothers wandered around the city but didn't find any food until they found a cinema. They didn't know what cinema is but they smell food coming from it. The two bro’s checked it out and found many food [popcorn]!!! “Halt”said some guards.“No wild animals aloud here” yelled one of them.Roger was furious but Roger Jr was scared. Roger remembered some boxing moves from his uncle Jared. So he put his arm over his shoulder and punched as hard as he can and.Pow!!!He punched one of them so hard that the guard went flying of his feet and banged his back on the wall!!!

After a few minutes later in the whole cinema there were only two animals left standing and they were the two brothers.“Quick, lets get some popcorn and get out of here”whispered Roger to Roger Jr's ear. So Roger Jr quickly got as much popcorn as he can and  left the cinema with his big bro and went back to the desert of Darwin and celebrate. After that big party they were out of food but was super hyper that when they woke up they went straight to the sea and walked over water to the biggest country of the world (unless you count Antarctica) Russia!!!!!

"Hello fellow viewers if you like my story comment about it and i'll make a part 2 of the two kangaroos later this year called A Very Rich Kangaroo.

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